Environmental action plan

Busabout will endeavour at all times to manage the services operated by the company in such a manner that will preserve the environment.

As an operator Busabout will –

  • Work in partnership with Transport for New South Wales in planning services and incorporate regular community and passenger consultation into service planning and review.
  • Develop a bus network within the contract region on an evidence-based approach to existing and potential patronage.
  • Aim to comply with all environmental legislative requirements.
  • Consider the environment in all strategic business decisions at all levels across the region, including:
    using appropriate environmental management practices in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of vehicles and plant, and
    working pro-actively to prevent polluting incidents, reduce environmental emissions and optimise the energy efficiency of all operations.
  • Maintain NSW Clean Fleet Accreditation
  • Monitor, review and record the region’s environmental performance.

To achieve Busabout’s environmental objectives, the company will look at the following areas:

  • Service Planning – monitor routes and patronage levels.
  • Fleet and depot management
    • Purchase buses that achieve the maximum performance and have the least environmental impact.
    • Depot Management – manage pollutants at all times, install systems for collecting waste and ensure the disposal of this waste is ecofriendly.
    • On Road operations; maintain vehicles to ensure maximum performance with least emissions.
    • Staff Training – train drivers on eco-driving techniques.
  • Maintain a system of records to report against the following:
    • fuel consumption
    • overall fleet profile
    • driver training and
    • patronage growth

Busabout is committed to providing eco-friendly transport services to provide a better environment for you and your family.