Environmental action plan

Busabout will endeavour at all times to manage the services operated by the company in such a manner that will preserve the environment.

Environmental Management Plan

At Busabout we clearly recognise the impact that we have on the environment, and at all times seek to minimise any adverse effects, while maximising the benefits that we provide in terms of offering our community solutions to reduce the reliance on private vehicles.

We are continually seeking to improve our environmental performance, and have implemented a range of actions including:

Management of Water, Stormwater & Industrial Waste

  • Recognising our responsibility to save water and to keep waterways free from oil, grease and other pollutants that may wash off from our buses, by:
  • Ensuring all oil and fuel spills are cleaned up immediately using the appropriate biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly spill kits.
  • Ensuring all oil and fuel leaks are identified as quickly as possible via routine maintenance activities and regular depot spot-check inspections, with all corrective measures implemented immediately.
  • Daily inspections of all vehicle parking areas for evidence of oil or fuel spills. Suspect vehicles are reported immediately.
  • All run-off water is passed through a triple separator and water filtration system to ensure only clean water is sent to the drains and sewerage systems
  • All used oils and waste collected on-site are disposed of via a waste removal contractor.
  • All inground fuel and oil tanks are tested to ensure their ongoing integrity and to reduce any chances of ground contamination.

Busabout washes its vehicles in a purpose-built bus wash which:

  • Captures all run-off and passes it though a triple separator and water filtration unit to ensure only clean water is passed to the sewerage system.
  • Uses fully biodegradable products for both internal and external cleaning of buses

Busabout has also engaged external consultants to periodically conduct environmental audits on our depots.

Recycling & Energy Efficient Business Practices

Making environmentally efficient use of resources, and not create any unnecessary waste in the conduct of our business activities, including:

  • The implementation of a program to replace all lights with LEDs to reduce energy consumption in the depot.
  • Prioritising the use of electronic communication at every opportunity including the setting of printers at the most economical and green printing settings available.
  • Ensuring that where possible, all signage and banners are re-usable and constructed of recyclable materials.
  • Where possible, all supplies are sourced locally to reduce the environmental burden of our supply chain.

An Environmentally Considerate Approach to Operations

We recognise that a customer focused and easy to use public bus service is an effective way for the community to reduce the number of private vehicle trips, and in so doing improve overall environmental outcomes. In order to maximise the environmental benefit delivered by our services, Busabout seeks to:

  • Work in partnership with Transport for New South Wales to plan services that provide maximum coverage for the community, while reducing the inefficient out-of-service kilometres travelled by our buses.
  • Incorporate regular community and passenger consultation into service planning and review to ensure our service continue to evolve to meet the needs of our community.
  • Purchase buses that achieve the maximum performance and have the least environmental impact, including a program to prepare our depot for the implementation of electric vehicles.
  • Maintain vehicles above manufacturers specifications to ensure maximum performance with the least emissions.
  • Train drivers in how to operate services in the most economical manner.
  • Ensure that all accidents and incidents, which pose potential harm to the environment, are reported to the relevant statutory authority, that internal investigations are carried out, and that recommendations arising out of investigations are implemented where practicable.

Corporate Culture

Busabout is committed to providing eco-friendly transport services to provide a better environment for our community. We seek to incorporate this ethic into all of our day-to-day activities, and to build a corporate culture that is considerate of our environmental obligations.