Purchasing a ticket

All tickets can be purchased using cash only as you board the bus. We ask all passengers to please ensure they use nothing bigger than a $5 or $10 note as our drivers do not carry much change.

2023 Correct Change

If you would like a fare estimate, so you know how much change to have ready, please call our Office on 02 5942 6600 or message us on Facebook or Instagram.


Concession cards are available for a range of people. Find out if you’re eligible on the Transport for NSW website.

Visit the Transport for NSW website


Fares are calculated based on the distance you travel. Find out more on the Transport for NSW website.

Visit the Transport for NSW website

Free school travel

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) provides eligible school students with free or subsidised travel from home to school. Find out more on the Transport for NSW website.

Apply for a School Bus Pass
Student Codes of Conduct

Regional Excursion Daily (RED) Tickets

What is a Regional Excursion Daily (RED) ticket?

The Regional Excursion Daily (RED) ticket is an excursion ticket for Pensioners and Seniors in rural and regional areas that allows multiple trips to be taken on the day of purchase on buses within the local service network.

For $2.50, a single RED ticket gives Pensioners or Seniors card holders the freedom to be out and about in the community all day. It’s one of the most affordable ways to:

  • Visit family and friends
  • Go shopping
  • Attend medical appointments
  • Get to a movie
  • Undertake some volunteer work

How do I get a RED ticket?

RED tickets are available to people holding Pensioner Concession cards issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, NSW Seniors cards and NSW War Widow/er Concession cards.

If you are a Pensioner or Seniors Card holder just ask the driver of the first bus you board for a RED. You will need to show the driver your concession card.

Once you have your RED ticket, you will need to show your ticket and concession card to the driver of each subsequent service you travel on that day. No further payment is required, except where the subsequent service falls outside those covered by the local RED area.

Things you need to know

  • You will need to produce a valid Concession Card in your name to the bus driver to purchase a RED ticket, and upon request by an authorised transport officer
  • You cannot transfer the ticket to another person
  • You can only use the ticket on valid services up until midnight on the day of purchase
  • You must not erase or alter information on the ticket
  • You cannot use the ticket on other modes of transport or on services in outer metropolitan or metropolitan areas