2024 School Bus Pass Information

2024 School Bus Pass Information for Parents

Please be advised that all eligible 2024 bus passes will be processed and provided to the respective schools where they will be distributed and can be collected. Note that if a student held a valid 2023 bus pass and will remain at the same school in 2024, they will automatically receive a 2024 school bus pass. If you do not receive your bus pass by the 26th February, please contact our depot.

Please note that there is a moratorium period where students do not need to show their bus pass until the 29th of February 2024. This allows sufficient time for students to receive their travel passes.

Please ensure that once your child receives their Bus Pass they must show this to the Bus Driver each time they board the bus.

Who can get a SSTS bus pass?

As a NSW transport operator, Busabout Wagga administers school bus passes for a large majority of students and schools in the Wagga region as part of the School Student Transport Scheme if they meet all the eligibility criteria.

Your child is eligible for a free bus pass if they are:

  1. A NSW resident
  2. Enrolled at a registered school
  3. Older than four years, six months
  4. Eligible for free Government education
  5. Living more than the required distance from their school

How Can I Apply for a Bus Pass?

Students may apply for a school bus pass by completing an online application form available from the Transport for NSW website.

Not Eligible for SSTS School Bus Pass

If your child has not been approved or deemed ineligible by TfNSW to receive a SSTS School bus pass then they must pay a fare to the driver when boarding or purchase a Term Pass. Term Passes can be purchased over the counter at our depot.