Accessible transport action plan

Busabout is committed to ensuring passengers with disabilities have accessible services to meet their needs.

Ensuring our services are accessible to everyone within our community.

At Busabout we see ourselves as a community asset, essential in connecting people and places for social, employment, educational, personal care and other such purposes.

We also see equal access to our services as a fundamental right, and we clearly recognise the importance of ensuring our business is conducted in a way that is understanding and considerate of the different needs of everyone in our community.

Accordingly, we remain at all times committed to removing or reducing any barriers for people with special requirements that might otherwise limit their access to our services. We take action to give effect to these commitments by:

  • Operating a fleet of low floor, wheel chair accessible buses on all routes. These buses include curb-side “kneeling”, ramp based access and priority seating areas.
  • Training our staff in the management of customers with special needs.
  • Working with Wagga Wagga Council and other regulatory authorities to ensure bus stops are designed in a manner that supports customers with special requirements.
  • Ensuring all bus stops have up-to-date timetables and route information displayed.
  • Ensuring we are able to accommodate customers with mobility aids, assistance animals, and vision limitations.
  • Providing phone access to our Customer Support Team for all customers seeking information about services, including timetables and vehicle accessibility.

Planning an Accessible Trip

Busabout supports the initiatives of Transport for NSW in ensuring services remain as accessible as possible, and we have included a link to Transport’s Trip Planning tool on our website. Trip Panner provides trip recommendations and information in variable format text with information on all trips and trip connections necessary to make a journey using Busabout’s services.

You can plan your trip here:

Transport for NSW also provides additional information about how to plan a journey for customers using mobility aids, including relevant specifications mobility aid specifications.

You can find out more information here: Mobilty Aid Specifications

Travelling on Non-Accessible Buses

Where non-accessible fleet are occasionally required in-service, it is noted that wheelchair users may still travel on these buses provided they are able to enter get on and off the bus with or without the help of a companion.

The wheelchair must be folded and stowed away to keep aisles clear and allow other passengers to enter and leave the bus.

If you require assistance or the ramp to board the bus, position yourself in a safe spot where the driver can see you when waiting at the bus stop.

Travelling With an Assistance Animal

Assistance animals, such as Guide Dogs, are permitted on our buses at all times. All customers with accompanied by assistance animals must carry a valid accreditation for the animal, and ideally this should be displayed when boarding the bus.

People with assistance animals are encouraged to sit in the priority seating area near the front of the bus to help keep the aisles clear for the safety of themselves, their animals and other passengers.

For more information about accessible bus transport, please see the Transport for NSW site.

Non-English Speaking Customers

For non-English speaking customers, assistance with enquiries and trip planning information is available by:

  • Calling the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450
  • Calling 131 500 and asking for an interpreter.